Sunday, May 25, 2014

Seven More Months

May 25th - 7 More Months Till The Merriest Day Of The Year

I could scream, too. In just seven months, Christmas will be here!

You know who else is excited? Cosmos producer Seth MacFarlane has just recorded a Christmas album with Nora Jones and Sara Bareilles. Let's hope the Family Guy creator doesn't do to Christmas what he did to the Oscars.

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane set to release a Christmas album in 2014, on which Peter Griffin may or may not sing to Santa, "We Saw Your Boots."

I've got tons of jingle bells to polish and tune between now and December, but before I leave, I'm happy to announce that my critically-acclaimed memoir, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, is now available for the first time on the Nook! If that's the format you've been waiting for, head on over to Barnes & Noble now. If you wait until Christmastime, there may be a line!

North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus - a memoir by Candace Jane Kringle, available on Nook at Barnes & Noble