Is Santa Claus real?
Uh, he's my dad. He'd better be real or I wouldn't be here!

How much does your father weigh?
LOL! Let me put it this way: It takes all eight reindeer to lift him off the ground!

Why do you have two names?
I publish under my full legal name, Candace Jane Kringle. Kringle is our family name. But nobody ever calls me that in real life. Up here in the North Pole, I'm just Candycane Claus.

How come I've never heard that Santa has a daughter?
We like to keep a lot of things under wraps up here in the North Pole, like how the reindeer fly, and Christmas presents. You could say what happens in the N.P. stays in the N.P. Well, until now, that is, now that my tell-all exposé is coming out.

What genre is your book?
Technically, it's a memoir. It's all true. It really happened. I was there. So it's non-fiction. But my publishers insist on calling it young adult fiction because they think most readers don't believe I exist. Whatever.

Who should read North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus?
You. Anyone trying to get on my dad's Nice List. Fans of Meg Cabot should enjoy it. YA readers seeking a break from all that dark, paranormal dystopian angst will especially find the whimsical tone and setting a refreshing change of pace.

What is the target age group for your book?
North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus would make the perfect stocking stuffer for kids from 12 to 92.

How long is your book?
80,000 words. But some are used more than once, like chocolate and Christmas. The print edition is 302 pages.

Can you autograph a Kindle book?
Yes! Click here to request an e-autograph on your North Pole High ebook.

What's your favorite book?A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, because Scrooge hates Christmas at first, not unlike my boyfriend Rudy when I first met him, but (spoiler alert) finds his Christmas Spirit in the end. Perfect.  :)

What's your favorite color?
Candy cane stripes, duh!

How can I contact you?
Simple! Use the "Contact Me" widget in the sidebar on the right. I can't wait to hear from you! :)

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