Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten Months To Go...

Merry 25th of February. Just ten more months till CHRISTMAS!!!

The elves have been pretty busy keeping tabs on who's been Naughty and Nice this year. Bet you didn't know we started keeping track this early? Well, we do. And so far, we've found one very Naughty person who found a very Naughty (and extremely dangerous) way to get rid of his leftover Christmas candy. Santa does NOT approve!

And then there was this guy in Florida who tried to break into a house through the chimney.
Robber gets stuck in chimney. Only Santa Claus could get away with this!

Didn't go too well for him. Here's a little secret: Santa uses MAGIC to get down the chimney!

Blackbirds keep Christmas Spirit alive in Cramlington, Northumberland.
Not all the Christmas news this month was tragic. In England, some quick-thinking blackbirds nested and laid their eggs in a Christmas tree, forcing the town of Cramlington, Northumberland, to keep their Christmas Spirit going a little longer this year. :)

One of the coolest Christmas trees of the year is not still up...
Budapest Christmas tree made of 365 sleds donated to children!
...because it was made of 365 sleds that have been donated to children!

If you get bored waiting for Christmas to return, why not have some fun and make yourself sparkle?
Festive Special! Simple, Sleek yet Sparkly Christmas Make-Up Tutorial!
 Here are some super festive makeup tips to looking Christmassy any time of the year!

I hope you all had a Merry February and enjoyed that other candy holiday. I know ten months sounds like when you're waiting for something as magical as Christmas, but it will be here soon. I promise.

In the mean time, I leave you with my favorite Christmas ad from last season...


Candycane <3