Thursday, December 15, 2016

No One Beats the Yuletide Pride at North Pole High

Front cover of the program for the world premiere staged reading of North Pole High: The Musical
Swans-a-swimming! The musical based on my memoir had its first staged reading this month! I couldn't be there in person (way too much to do here in the Pole this time of year), but I know the cast was fabulous because, well, I've learned a few things from my dad and let's just say I see them when they're acting, I hear them when they sing.

North Pole High Musical Staged Reading starring (left to right) Andrea Fantauzzi as Vixen, Judy Nazemetz as Mrs. Claus, John Eddings as Santa Claus, James Giusti as Rudy Tutti, Monica Allan as Snowflake, Frankie Rodriguez as Silentnight, Samuel Thacker as Tinsel, and David Buckland as Mr. Polar Bear.
Many thanks to the cast, from left to right:

Andrea Fantauzzi played my classmate Vixen far more sympathetically than she came off in my book.

Judy Nazemetz (member of Actors' Equity Association)  played my dear mother, Mrs. Claus, so dearly.

John Eddings embodied the enormous body of my father, Santa Claus, so believable he could probably get away with subbing for my dad at some of the malls this Season. #HoHoHo

Lauren Byrd really nailed me in the lead role, except that she carols even more beautifully than I do.

James Giusti found his inner Scrooge to accurately portray Rudy Tutti, the new boy at North Pole High.

Monica Allan was so much fun as my best friend Snowflake it's almost like I have another best friend!

Frankie Rodriguez was hilarious as my shy classmate Silentnight.

Samuel Thacker truly rose to the occasion to portray the handsome half-elf Tinsel.

And last, but not least, David Buckland was so much like my real teacher, Mr. Polar Bear, that parts of the show were eerily like being in class at the real North Pole High.

The cast of North Pole High: The Musical, world premiere staged reading at New Musicals, Inc, December 3, 2016. Clockwise: James Giusti (seated, front) as Rudy Tutti, Judy Nazemetz as Mrs. Claus, John Eddings as Santa Claus, Andrea Fantauzzi as Vixen, Lauren Byrd as Candycane Claus, Samuel Thacker as Tinsel, Frankie Rodriguez as Silentnight, Monica Allan as Snowflake, and David Buckland as Mr. Polar Bear.
My thanks also to the writers. Danny couldn't fit everything from my book into his but managed to keep its Christmas Spirit front and center. Kristen and Rafi penned so many wonderful new tunes, from "Yuletide Pride" to "North Pole Prance," that we'll be singing them here at North Pole High for many Christmases to come. Like the song says, I'm on Top of the World!

Inside of program for world premiere staged reading of North Pole High: The Musical at New Musicals Inc, December 3, 2016
Thanks also to New Musicals, Inc., for hosting this world premiere event!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Local Authors' Showcase
Great news! My critically acclaimed memoir, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, will be featured THIS SATURDAY, October 15th, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the 2016 Local Authors' Showcase in sunny Burbank, California!

I know what you're thinking. Local author? When was the last time it snowed in Los Angeles?

Okay, you caught me. Yes, I was born and have always lived in the most wondrous land imaginable, hidden from view all the way at the northernmost part of the world, where it snows year-round and the sun only comes out for six months at a time. Where candy canes grow on red vines (which is how the licorice brand got its name) and friendly snowmen direct the Snow Pod traffic. Where reindeer fly and Santa Claus leads an army of elves in the creation of millions of toys a year. You get the picture.

While I did write every word of my manuscript here in my room at 16 Gingerbread Lane in the beautiful Village of the North Pole, I also had my own secret "little helper" down south to translate some of the more arcane Arctic idioms into language more easily digestible below the Circle. This assistant did much of his work at the Buena Vista branch of the Burbank Public Library, the very location where this event is being held.

I'm going to try my darnedest to make it down there to meet the 50 amazing authors who will be signing their books at the event, if I don't have too much homework and my dad lets me borrow his sleigh. If I don't make it, I've given my assistant power of attorney to sign my books for me in all territories outside the Arctic Circle. Since I'm a minor, I'm technically not allowed to sign my books in your world anyway.

For more information, hop on over to:

Hope you can make it.

Friday, October 7, 2016

North Pole High Talent Search

What's new at North Pole High? We're putting on a show!

My good friends at the Academy for New Musical Theatre in North Hollywood are putting together a staged reading of the first draft of their musical based on my critically-acclaimed memoir! I can't wait.

They're looking for talented singers and actors right now! Go to the Auditions Page now for character breakdowns and other information about how you can be among the first performers in the WORLD to play my friends in this very special edition of North Pole High: The Musical.

Please spread the word to all your friends in the Los Angeles acting community and let's make this the Best Christmas Musical Ever!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Swans-a-Swimming! It's North Pole High: The Musical!

Ho, ho, ho! Wanna hear about something almost more exciting than Christmas? The Academy for New Musical Theatre has selected my memoir, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, for development as a MUSICAL! A talented team of writers has been hand-picked by me to bring the festive joy to the stage.

Danny Hercules will write the book for the play, with music by Raphael Nemes and lyrics by Kristen Rea. A private reading of the first draft is being planned for November 2016 in Los Angeles.

Can't wait that long to hear some fun new Christmas songs? You don't have to. North Pole High has been invited to preview our opening number, "Yuletide Pride," at Got Musical 2016, an exciting showcase of songs from a wide range of musical works-in-progress.

New Musicals Inc. presents Got Musical 2016

This will be the very first public performance of any portion of North Pole High: The Musical ever! So hurry over to New Musicals Inc. to reserve tickets for the April 26 World Premiere in Anaheim, California, or the special May 15 Encore Performance in Burbank, California. Tickets for these shows will sell out fast!


North Pole High composer Raphael Nemes

Composer RAPHAEL NEMES plays trumpet and piano and is a Harvard-trained Russian bell ringer. He has previously collaborated with Hercules at ANMT on the fifteen-minute time-travel musical Have a Nice Trip.

North Pole High lyricist Kristen Rea

Lyricist KRISTEN REA is an accomplished performer specializing in creating productions that bridge live music, theater, and dance. With extensive training on the French horn, she has performed with world-renowned artists such as Grammy winner Gordon Goodwin, Disney Legend Randy Newman, and as a soloist in the Tony-winning production of Blast!, as well as staged productions at the Disneyland Resort and Busch Gardens. An enthusiastic educator, Kristen also serves as a clinician and creative development contributor for Disney Performing Arts, and helped create CITYstage, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring inner-city youth to realize their full potential through the performing arts.

North Pole High: The Musical bookwriter Danny Hercules with author Candycane Claus

Bookwriter DANNY HERCULES is a professional screenwriter and music journalist who made his stage musical writing debut at ANMT with the book for the well-received time-travel comedy Have a Nice Trip, with music by Nemes, his NPH collaborator. Hercules also helps Santa’s little helpers in publishing North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus outside the Arctic Circle.

ANMT is the academic wing of New Musicals Inc., and has supported and trained musical theatre writers for four decades, beginning as a sister workshop to the BMI Lehman Engel workshop in New York. North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus, a memoir by Candace Jane Kringle, is available at and Google Play.