Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Christmas Eve is 9 Weeks from Tonight, Bitches

So, my dad promised he won't put you on his Naughty List for clicking on Bitches n Prose. That's because, in addition to all the great book reviews from one of Goodreads' top 1% reviewers, Jillyn has posted an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from my critically-acclaimed book, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus.

North Pole High Exclusive Excerpt and HUGE Giveaway Announcement at Bitches n Prose

Read all about how I was forced to work on a school Christmas tree project with a boy who hates Christmas in this passage I like to call, "The Art of Designing Christmas Trees," which has never been seen anywhere on the internet before.

Create with Christmas - Super Fun and Creative Contest Announcement for North Pole High on Create with Jenna

Last December I borrowed Daddy's sleigh to do an interview in Hollywood, U.S.A., on the incredible Create with Jenna podcast. We had such a blast, Jenna invited me to do a guest blog post on how you can be creative and Christmassy right now! Check it out, and then peruse all of Jenna's other inspiring posts and projects while you're there!

Obviously you can tell it's getting closer to Christmas now that I'm getting out for appearances all over cyberspace. I'm beyond proud to have my book listed at

Rather than send Jenny the same old boilerplate back-cover copy I've used everywhere else, I had one of Daddy's smartest marketing elves whip up a modified synopsis of the story. Read it and let us know what you think in the comments. is a pretty hot chocolate resource, so be sure to browse the many other wonderful books listed on the site!

My thanks to Jenny, Jenna, and Jillyn for all the fun and excitement. Have a Merry October!