IT'S BEEN SAID many times, many ways... The Critics are Raving about NORTH POLE HIGH:

***** "Has the makings of a Yuletide classic. Engaging from the first page to the last. Funny, dramatic, serious at times... an absolute delight!" AO Bibliophile, aobibliosphere

 **** "Hooked from the very first page. Couldn't put it down. Like eating your favorite candy. A very sweet Christmas story of redemption and finding your Christmas spirit. Would make a fantastic movie." Cherie Searles, Cherie Reads

"A Christmas favorite to be read year after year." Alyson LaBarge, SnifferWalk

"As jingle bell rockin' as you can get! Oh-what-fun-it-is-to READ! Holiday spirit with a side of laughs." Gina R., Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

**** "I loved the world building. Full of fun characters, from Chefy the penguin to Angry the Elf." Carrie Ardoin, Sweet Southern Home

***** "Totally swept up in the magic of the story." Kriss Morton, Cabin Goddess

**** "Delightfully fun. Excellent stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys a cheerful romance." MaryLynn Bast, author of Heart of a Wolf

**** "A tasty holiday treat. Well-developed characters, fun dialogue, plenty of fantasy and a forbidden romance. Guaranteed to put a smile on any Grinch's face!" Maria Durst, Queen of All She Reads

**** "Whimsical and magical, with a touch of seriousness and sadness at times. Don't let the nice Christmas spirit fool you. These kids are a little naughty too!" Wendy, Wall-to-Wall Books

"How adorable. Not your usual YA. Will leave you with a big, goofy grin on your face." Ali, My Guilty Obsession

"So outrageous! Some really hilarious moments. Such a fun read! I really loved it." Christina Madison, A Bibliophile's Thougths on Books

**** "A great Christmas story, with fun, laughter, romance, and of course, Santa." Rachel, Book Crazy Reviews

***** "High school with a Christmas twist. Makes you feel like you're really there." Alexandra, Read Between the Lines

***** "Cute and funny. Re-live Christmas memories while enjoying this Christmas adventure. An excellent read." Nikki McCarver, Close Encounters with the Night Kind

"This book was amazing! Each page captured the heart of fun-loving teens and their trials growing up." Gina Hott, Hott Books

"The scene where Santa tries to explain the birds and the bees to Candy using Gingerbread men is hysterical." Carin, My Reading Obsession

**** "This book is Christmas cheer between its covers." - Christina, Cover2Cover

***** "Filled with genuine teenage angst and drama set in a fantastical land." - Margaret Kerr, The Book Hoard

***** "I really, really enjoyed this book so much! The author has such a wonderful sense of humor and great imagination." Susan Schleicher, The Book Bag

"A real treat for the entire family." Carlyle Labuschange, Worlds Away Book Blog

**** "Original. A joyous romp. Great Christmas gift for young and old alike." Shery Fundin, Fundinmental

**** "Christmassy and romantic. It drew me in right away and got my jolly going haha." Justin Vandale, Shelves of Books Blog

**** "Can be described in three words: Laugh. Out. Loud." Hannah Taylor, Book Haven Extraordinaire

**** "A Christmastime must-read! Had me giggling on every page." Lianne Lavoie, The Towering Pile

**** "Utterly charming. I enjoyed every word." Emily Rencich, Doodle's Book Blog

**** "Whimsical and lovely for anyone who loves Christmas." Michelle Miller, The Christmas Spirit

"Lords-a-leaping, I cannot stress how much I loved this book." - Jill O'Sullivan, Goodreads

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