Thursday, December 18, 2014

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

Lords-a-leaping! We're just one week away from the most wonderful day of the year!

In the air, there's a feeling of Christmas.

Even stoplights blink a bright red and green.

Those lyrics are from the song "Silver Bells," written for the 1951 film The Lemon Drop Kid.

Bob Hope must pay his gambling debts to gangsters by Christmas Eve, or else. He tries to raise the money by dressing as a streetcorner Santa collecting "donations," then opens an illegal casino to scam more loot from little old ladies. That may not sound very wholesome, but he manages to stay off Santa's Naughty List by introducing us to this classic song:

Released during the extended holiday season in March of 1951, the movie co-stars Marilyn Maxwell, who joins Hope in singing about silver bells, Christmas time in the city, and Santa's big scene.

Yes, Virginia, very soon it will be Christmas Day!

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