Thursday, December 7, 2017

Is It A Christmas Movie? "While Yule Were Sleeping"

The following is an essay I wrote for my Christmas Lit class at North Pole High in the North Pole. My teacher, Mrs. Polar Bear, gave me an A+.

From 1995, While You Were Sleeping stars Sandra Bullock as Lucy, a lonely woman who falls in love with a man in a coma. This charming romantic comedy is set in Chicago, a great place to spend Christmas because they have lots of snow and they make their cocoa with Frango mints!

Sandra Bullock goes to a lot of trouble to get her Christmas tree into her apartment in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)
Before Lucy meets Coma Boy, she's struggling to get the Christmas tree she just bought into her apartment. It's so big, she has to hoist it up through her window on a rope. But it's so heavy, she drops it and it breaks the window of the apartment below her. Won't Coma Boy be lucky to get a girl who puts that much effort into Christmas!

Monica Keena, Peter Boyle, Sandra Bullock, Micole Mercurio, and Jack Warden pose for a Christmas photo in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)
Lucy's other problem is that besides her hunk being in a coma, she's never actually met him. But while he's asleep, she does meet his family. And since it's Christmastime, she gets to experience the warmth and joy of spending the holidays with a loving family, something she's missed since her parents died.

Sandra Bullock finds happiness from stockings all hung by the chimney with care in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)
So now, instead of just having a crush on a hot dude in a coma, she's in love with the idea of becoming a part of his family. All because of Christmas. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I think the message is that Christmas makes everything bright and wonderful. And for that, I hang five shining stars upon While You Were Sleeping!

Sandra Bullock finds a loving home at Christmastime in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)
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Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa decorates the front porch of the house in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)

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